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What Animals Teach Us

What Animals Teach Us

Have you ever thought about how animals teach you? Maybe your cat or dog has taught you lessons, maybe also birds, squirrels, rabbits, or deer? Native Americans are astute observers of animals and name their clans after them.

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What is the Second Half of Life About?

by Barbara Leonard What is the second half of life?  When does it begin?  Is it a developmental stage like any other that went before it?  What is it all about? In one way the 2nd half of life is like any other developmental stage in that it can’t be easily ignored....

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Second Half of Life Institutions

by Barbara Leonard The book by Richard Rohr, Falling Upward: A Spirituality in the Two Halves of Life inspires a lot of discussion.  Father Rohr suggests that most of our western institutions are first half enterprises and this   includes the church, writ large. ...

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An Ignatian Perspective on Doubt and Confusion

By Barbara Leonard Christos Center for Spiritual Formation, Sacred Ground Center for Spirituality and Loyola Center for Spirituality are co-hosting Margaret Silf’s visit this September 19th and 20th. In 2012 she conducted a four day retreat sponsored by Loyola. It was...

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