Group Spiritual Direction

What is Group Spiritual Direction?

Group spiritual direction is a way of listening and reflecting with a community of fellow seekers on our encounters with God in everyday life. Over time, group direction has a transformational effect on who we are and how we understand our calling in the world.

Group spiritual direction is defined by relationship, so it requires a different way of relating with each other. Members must desire an honest relationship with God, participate in the group through prayerful listening and response, and willingly share their spiritual journey with others and be open to what they offer in return.

Who should try group direction?

Individuals seeking a quiet, judgement-free place to bring their noticings of God, of Divine, and their desires to put Love at the center of all their decision-making.

How does it work?

Group directees generally commit to a weekly meeting for 9 weeks, lasting 1.5-2 hours. Groups can start at any time and be made up of 3-5 directees, plus the facilitator.  Groups can meet in-person or virtually as determined by the group.

Loyola Spirituality Center provides a facilitator who will move the group through the meeting time and provide feedback and instruction, particularly at the beginning of the process.  The facilitator will also regularly pray for the group over the course of its life.

What does it look like?

Group sessions are flexible, but we like to start with this format:

  1. Silence – To let go of the cares of the day, present the time ahead to God, and to meditate on what to share.
  2. Sharing – One person presents. The group listens prayerfully without interruption.
  3. Silence – The group listens together for God’s response to the presenter.
  4. Response – The group shares comments or questions that have come up during the silence.
  5. Silence – The group prays for the presenter.

Steps 2-5 are repeated for each person in the group. The group closes by reflecting on their time together.

What does it cost?

Group spiritual direction is $45/session. If your group runs for the usual 9 weeks, your total will be $405. Scholarships are available.

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