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Reina Brekke

Reina has spent most of her childhood and adult life in Minnesota but has also lived in Japan, Florida, Illinois, and Alexandria, VA. She came to faith in Jesus Christ during her early college years and was nurtured in her early faith within the evangelical stream of Christianity. Her journey into spiritual direction began around 2007 and was generated from a sense of missing something in her spiritual walk, accompanied by a longing to experience a deeper connection with God. This path has been a journey of discovering ways to be with God, and not just what to do for God. She has walked slowly, with intention, through the Ignatian exercises, experiencing transformation through imaginative prayer. There has been significant unlearning as well as learning during these years. She has embraced new spiritual practices and forms of prayer that were not part of her evangelical experience.  Growing up in her contemplative life with the Trinity has been a re-awakening and a deepening of the faith that God invited her to in her young adulthood.

Reina is willing to meet with any person open to exploring ways to walk deeper in their faith. She has been enriched by companioning young adults as they explore who God is and how the Divine reveals Himself/Herself to them.  Regardless of age, she is open to pondering life’s tough questions and transitions, and to listening for God’s whisper amid the competing voices of our culture and time. Her heart leans towards supporting those in leadership roles, particularly pastors, spouses of pastors, spiritual directors in training, and individuals who minister tirelessly. Reina offers each of these companionship as they consider their identity and calling. “My upbringing in a loving but atheist family has contributed to my capacity and willingness to sit with others who are asking tough questions about their faith. My path to faith demonstrated God’s clear pursuit and loving concern for one who did not yet recognize the presence of the Divine. My encounter with the Ignatian Exercises was deeply transformative and impacts my approach to listening with others. I consider it a sacred privilege to accompany others as they seek to understand God’s presence with, and demeanor towards them.”

Feeling called to minister in this sacred space of soul care, Reina completed an M.A. in Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Direction through Richmont Graduate University in Atlanta, GA. She also completed the Renovaré Institute for Spiritual Formation.  She is employed as a staff member of Christos Center for Spiritual Formation, currently serving as a Coordinator for their training program for spiritual direction. She has completed ongoing training in offering the Extended Ignatian Exercises through Sacred Ground, as well as training in the Enneagram offered through the Enneagram Prison Project.

Reina resides predominantly in Minnesota but makes frequent trips to the DC area and Florida to visit family. Reina and her husband enjoy biking, running, and cross-country skiing, especially when they can return to northwest Wisconsin and the Chequamegon National Forest.  She is the mother of two grown and married sons, and the grandmother of 4 delightful “littles.”

Reina offers Spiritual Direction, Group Spiritual Direction, and The Spiritual Exercises. 

Reina is currently accepting new directees.