About Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?

“Trust in the slow work of God,” said the great theologian Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, SJ. Spiritual direction is an ongoing relationship that gives us the time and space to notice our unique spiritual growth, the slow work of God, in our lives.

When we take the time to explore and really listen, with a trusted companion, we open ourselves to wisdom, healing and growth.

Spiritual direction has been part of the Christian tradition since people sought the wisdom of the desert monastics in the 3rd and 4th centuries. Today, people from many spiritual traditions come to Loyola, as well as those from no tradition. We welcome all.


How do I begin?

Begin by reading the biographical summaries of our spiritual directors.

You may contact one or more of them via phone or email to arrange an initial meeting. During your first meeting you can discuss your needs and concerns and explore the director's approach.


How does it work?

Appointments are usually scheduled once a month for 50-60 minutes.  Since it is a spiritual process, the relationship lasts as long as you and the director find it nourishing.

Spiritual direction is an opportunity to speak about life in an intimate way: the quality of our relationships, our attitude toward work or career, our hopes and worries, struggles and goals, joyful memories and regrets. In all of this, the focus is on our spiritual experience--the thoughts, feelings and inspirations which come to us as we consciously face these areas of life.

Spiritual direction is a safe and open space to explore our relationship to sources of meaning and purpose in life - and spiritual practices like prayer, meditation, rituals, interacting with nature, or in the living of daily life.

Other important aspects of Spiritual  Direction:

- Discernment: to discuss how our choices align with our spiritual values or our sense of God's invitation to grow.

- Resources: referral to classes, books, workshops.

- Grounding: regular sessions invite a remembering and awareness of the sacred foundations of one's life.

How much does it cost?

The fee is $85 per one hour session. 

Loyola does not turn away anyone who desires our service. If you cannot afford that amount, please discern with your director an amount that works for you.  If you are able, please consider donating towards our scholarship fund to make our services available to those who cannot pay the full price.

How is Spiritual Direction different from Therapy?

In therapy, the focus is on finding a treatment or a therapy. In spiritual direction, the issues discussed may be the same, but the focus is on how you see God or Spirit present in them, how you are growing spiritually through them. Spiritual direction fosters a contemplative attitude which is always alert to the presence of God in all things.

Julian of Norwich, 14th Century Mystic

So many come-

For spiritual advice

Or ghostly counsel

As they say:

They speak of

pain and loss

confusion and despair

fear and death,

the sorrowing,

the sick,

the unwanted,

the lonely,

both young and old,

rich and poor,

all come to my window.

"No one listens,"

they tell me,

and so I listen

and tell them

what they have just

told me

I sit in silence

listening to them,

letting them grieve.

"Julian, you are wise,"

they say,

"You have been fitted

with understanding."

All I did was listen.

For I believe fully surely

that God's Spirit

is in us all,

giving light, wisdom,


speaking words in us

when we cannot speak,

showing us gently

what we would not see

what we are afraid to see,

so we may show pity,

mercy, forgiveness,

to ourselves.

               -- Jim Janda