Carolyn Kolovitz

Carolyn’s life work is accompanying people through life transitions. Whether working with tween girls transitioning into womanhood, young adults embarking on new career or relationship paths, people at midlife feeling stuck on autopilot, or the dying as they review their lives and let go of the earthly realm – Carolyn focuses on self-compassion and connecting people to what brings the most meaning to their lives.

Carolyn often uses her background in trauma-related issues when she taps people into their inner wisdom and self-compassion. Her experience includes counseling survivors of sexual and domestic violence, facilitating programs for youth living in poverty, training professionals who work with youth impacted by trauma and adopting a child who survived adverse experiences. She is knowledgeable about the latest research, treatment methods and spiritual implications of painful transitions and traumatic life events. Recently, she conducted a research project with Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality that explored youth mental health issues, cultural trauma and healing spiritual practices. This background informs Carolyn’s faith in the wisdom and resiliency of the human spirit.

Carolyn enjoys exploring ideas related to the art of discernment, spiritual practices of Christian mystics, dream work, experiencing our life as a story, the creative process, raising children connected to the Sacred Mystery and coaching teens in finding their inner wisdom. She has written and performed plays around the Twin Cities related to some of these themes.

Carolyn received her Master’s degree in Theology and her Certificate in Spiritual Direction from St Catherine University.  She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Women’s Studies and who knows what she’ll decide to study next!

Carolyn loves changing seasons, ghost stories, dogs and indie films. She blogs at:

Carolyn offers Spiritual Direction, Personal Directed Retreats, and customized retreats and workshops.

Carolyn is taking new Directees.