Thursday Prayers

Thursdays – 8:00 AM & 8:00 PM

Attend one, some, or all 20-minute sessions for free

Morning Centering Prayer

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Centering prayer is a very personal, contemplative type of prayer. Using a phrase, word or image as a beginning point, one sits in quiet, letting the mind dwell on God for a concentrated timeframe. When our minds are so easily consumed by news, events and challenges, this spiritual practice of concentrating on God’s presence can be healing and grounding to help us live our best lives. Click here to learn more.
More On Centering Prayer

Spiritual practices that set time apart in quiet prayer are considered contemplative prayer practices. With so many unknowns, grief and stress in today’s world, contemplative prayer provides time to be calm, still and become aware of the Spirit.  Within this quiet time, our hearts begin to open to feel God presence, God’s love and God’s attention.  

Centering Prayer is a contemplative practice that has a set process to follow.  At the same time, it is a fluid prayer that is forgiving and transformative and personal. A spiritual director opens and closes the time. In between, there is intentional silence to sit with God, to experience God’s love and attention. The director will help guide you through the session, which is especially helpful if you have never experienced this type of prayer before.

Evening Examen

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The Examen is a step-by-step process to reflect on your day, notice how the events affected you and imagine helpful ways to move forward with God. This prayer is especially helpful to find spiritual balance when you feel stuck, hopeless, or discouraged during trying times.
More On Examen

Why do we pray this particular prayer? As SD Carolyn Kolovitz says: “Like strength training, the examen is a prayer practice of noticing; it’s like spiritual muscle flexing. The more we practice, the greater is our awareness of God in all things. The greater our capacity to live and love freely, returning love to God.”

These sessions will be offered every Thursday evening at 8 pm and last for about 20 min. During the session, a spiritual director leads everyone through the various steps of the prayer. Each person reflects privately on their day. There are moments of silence to give individuals time to think. There is no open sharing. But there is a sense of community knowing everyone is engaged in this practice together. Over time, participants in this practice have developed a stronger awareness of God’s presence in their individual lives and healthier balance in perspective of the day’s events.