Mary Noble Garcia

Mary’s ministry in spiritual direction is rooted in a desire to be active in creating a loving, compassionate world. She received her Spiritual Direction Certificate and Master of Arts in Theology from St. Catherine University and is trained as a supervisor for spiritual directors. She works in St.Catherine University’s Spiritual Direction Certificate Program. Mary is also a Certified Teacher in the Narrative Enneagram Tradition.

Mary has a special interest in the Enneagram as a tool for spiritual growth. Present moment awareness, meditation, journaling, engaging with sacred texts and images, and pausing to attend to feelings and the body all help her notice and respond to God’s invitations. Her love of artistic expression has provided a connection to the Holy throughout her life.

Mary’s spirituality is influenced by her experiences growing up in a small town, living abroad, embracing her role as wife and mother, and working as a physical therapist and parish social justice organizer.  As a physical therapist, her patients demonstrated the deep connection of body, mind, and spirit which influences her spiritual direction practice.

Mary offers Spiritual Direction, Enneagram consultations and workshops, and Supervision for spiritual directors.

Mary is not taking new Directees at this time.