Joanne Dehmer, SSND

Joanne is a native Minnesotan, having grown up in St. Michael. She and her twin brother are the youngest in a family of six children. Her years with the School Sisters of Notre Dame have spanned a wide variety of activities and ministries. With extensive skills in teaching and training, she also has wide-ranging pastoral experience in parish and retreat settings. Joanne began spiritual direction ministry in 1974.

Since 1994 she has been a team member at Loyola, where she has conducted retreats and served as spiritual director for a large and diverse clientele. The depth and width of her experience, coupled with her easy presence and inquiring intelligence enhances her professional qualifications as a spiritual director.

Joanne received a Masters Degree in Ministry from Seattle University, after receiving training in Spiritual Direction at the Center for Spiritual Development. She also studied Bio-Spiritual Focusing through the Institute for Bio-Spiritual Research. In addition, Joanne’s ministry often touches on issues related to grief, mid-life changes, aging, death and dying.

Being creative, imaginative and artistic are important to her, and they find expression in activities like watercolor, photography and jewelry making.

Approach to Spiritual Direction
“Spiritual direction is an on-going process, something I’ve learned in my own spiritual development and especially in serving as a spiritual director for others. There are no short cuts to spiritual growth, and it takes careful attention to the geography of our experience as the place where God is revealed. I’m always attentive to how the Holy Mystery of God’s presence is being revealed in the stories people I direct tell me. Together we look for hints of God’s presence and where God is leading this person to reach deeper, more integrated life. A true sign of spiritual growth for me is seeing people grow is a self-affirming love that overflows in selfless service of others.”

Joanne offers Spiritual Direction, Personal Directed Retreats, and customized retreats.

Joanne is not taking new Directees at this time, but is available for personal and customized retreats.