Linda Cherek

Linda’s work in bringing God’s presence to those she encounters is grounded in her understanding and commitment to notice the Holy in everyday life even in the significant challenges we experience.  She received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of St Thomas and the University of St Catherine and received her Spiritual Direction certificate, from Sacred Ground in St Paul, MN.  She has a background in nursing, business and has worked as a licensed mental health therapist for 20 years with a special focus in trauma, grief and loss.

Linda has a special interest in the impact of loss and trauma after the unexpected death of her oldest daughter. She understands how loss and trauma impact the body, the heart, the soul and one’s relationship with God and the world.  She has embraced the gift of spiritual awareness and the opportunities for growth that were the result of her spiritual journey following her daughter’s death and her experiences with her clients.  In her work as a therapist she has supported her clients as their awareness of the Holy impacted their life path and their emotional and spiritual health. Her spiritual journey has provided the sacred space to encounter God in unexpected places through journaling, music, poetry, prayer and the body.

Linda will welcome you no matter what your faith tradition or spiritual beliefs. Her approach is holistic and she will accompany you on your spiritual journey, encouraging you to deepen your relationship with the God of your understanding.  She invites spiritual curiosity related to women’s spirituality, health challenges and recovery.  Linda has an additional interest in Focusing in her Spiritual Direction practice.

Linda offers Spiritual Direction, Group Spiritual Direction, The Spiritual Exercises and Personal Directed Retreats.

Linda is taking new Directees.