Winter Wisdom Lights our Path: A Prayer from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

by | Jan 11, 2022

Last week, on January 6, we celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany!  For many Christians this is a familiar Biblical story of how three astrologers journeyed to follow a star to the Christ Child. Thinking about the perseverance of the Magi, I aspire to emulate their courage and hope in these dark times of political, social and pandemic challenges to focus on the “light” of the Christ Child, Emmanuel, “God with us”. And I notice myself gratefully reflecting, in these first weeks of a new year, on the unwavering Presence of the Divine to guide me through these tough times to grace-filled spaces of hope. 

Next week, on January 17, we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr Day and remember the great leadership of another human “star” whose life models courage, perseverance and truth…whose words “light” our paths toward peace, justice and equality.  I want to share a prayer which I discovered recently from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who invites all of us to:

“Join with Earth and each other,

 to bring new life to the land,

to restore the waters,

to refresh the air,

to renew the forests,

to care for the plants,

to protect the creatures,

to celebrate the seas,

to rejoice in the sunlight,

to sing the song of the stars,

to recall our destiny,

to renew our spirits,

 to reinvigorate our bodies,

to recreate the human community,

to promote justice and peace,

to love our children and love one another,

to join together as many and diverse expressions of one loving mystery,

for the healing of the Earth and the renewal of all life.”     Amen!

I am grateful to the Almighty who rose up among us this great leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a messenger of peace and justice and hope.  I am equally grateful to this good man, Martin Luther King, Jr., who left a lived and written legacy of wisdom and love with us….they serve as beacons of light, to guide our paths like “stars,” leading us forward in 2022.  May we heed his words.