By Liz Kerwin

Recently on a retreat I was struck by a presenter saying, “Where are your feet?”

It came to me that it might be a good mantra for this Advent especially as it is only three weeks, the shortest possible, this year.  Perhaps during this very full time of preparation and celebration the best thing we can do is to practice presence, being present to each person we are with or each thing we are doing.  The present is all we have, the past is gone and the future is not here yet so why do we waste time in either place.

So, where are my feet as I engage in each activity, conversation …?  Am I fully there aware, enjoying, learning, supporting?

Coupled with that might be a second mantra  “Where is my heart?”  As I shop for and wrap gifts am I aware of the love I have for the gift recipient?  As I bake traditional goodies am I cooking with love for all who will enjoy the treats?  As I write Christmas cards am I putting my love into them as well?

In one sense nothing changes and yet being present with a loving heart changes everything.  As the song says “What the world needs now is love…”  Loving presence sends out an energy that can heal our world.

Where are your feet and your heart this Advent and every day all year?