By Carolyn Kolovitz

How do we become increasingly grounded in Divine Love while chaotic hatred marches in our streets, flows from our TV and internet screens, and hides in plain sight in our own neighborhoods?

As spiritual seekers, we may share a vision of embodying compassion as modeled by Jesus, but the paths to that shared vision are diverse. Introverted or extraverted, emerging into adult independence or retiring from professional life, an intended target of malicious racism or a non-threatened neighbor – these and other variables shape what embodying compassion will look like for each of us.

For some, the bulk of one’s energy may currently focus on developing self-compassion as a step towards becoming less critical of others. Some people are focusing their energy on raising compassionate children. Some people are focused on extending compassion into the wider community.

Each of these paths play a role in co-creating a more compassionate society. Ongoing discernment is vital in determining if we are truly living in alignment with our most cherished values. (Spiritual directors can help you with that!)

In the Fall, I will be hosting three workshops that offer participants a chance to reflect on the big picture of their lives, gain clarity on the values leading their life’s “work” (inner, relational, creative and/or professional) and articulate a vision moving forward.

Moving Forward in Sync With Your Soul” on September 23rd is open to anyone exploring these life themes.

Nurturing Spiritual Development in Children & Teens” on October 14th is specifically for parents, grandparents, youth ministers and those exploring these themes in relation to their guidance of the young people in their lives.

Where Should I Begin? Start From Within!” on November 4th is specifically for emerging and young adults.

As we live through these turbulent times, let’s support each other to grow more fully into our values and into the flow of Divine Love.

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