by Liz Kerwin.

Lent is called the Springtime of the Soul, and although Lent is almost over, spring is just getting a good start. In spring we experience increasing light. Plants and trees are beginning to sprout with new life. We think of planting seeds. We also might think of spring housecleaning.

What does any of this have to do with our soul? Throughout Lent we have heard messages such as wake up, listen, open your blind eyes and see. All are messages for our inner life reflected in our outer life and in nature.

Perhaps the God of springtime is shedding more light within and invites us to do some soul cleaning. As we look within, what do we see that we are invited to let go or clear out? Maybe it is resentment or anger. Maybe it is unforgiveness or unreasonable expectations of self or others and the judgments we make as a result. Or perhaps something quite different.

It is also possible that the invitation is to some actual housecleaning, letting go of extras that someone else could use and we do not use or need. Downsizing or simplifying can be a good spiritual practice for many of us.

Maybe the Holy Gardener desires to plant some new seeds in us, or cultivate some already planted, such as generosity, compassion, love trust. There may be new relationships to nurture or older ones to fertilize.

May the God of Spring enlighten and bring new life to each of us this season.