Moving Forward

by | Jan 8, 2021

Guess what my goals for 2020 were? Attend more live performances, preferably monthly – oh, the hilarity of the universe! – and lead overnight retreats in a beautiful new setting. Ah well.

The truth is that even in a typical year, most New Year’s resolutions are vulnerable to elements beyond our control – a slip on the ice derails fitness goals, a disaster freezes financial objectives. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t plan, but it does raise the question of how important are these material/physical focused goals anyway – and is there something deeper we can focus our intentions on that is more vital to our well-being?

Let’s start 2021 by recalibrating our intentions to our most important values that will guide our choices (big and small) in the months ahead, regardless of external events.

My retreat “Moving Forward in Sync with Your Soul”- although online and not at a beautiful retreat center – offers time for reflection, guided visualizations and thoughtful discussion that will get to the heart of how you want to shape your new year.   

My 2020 goal was to attend more live theater because creative inspiration makes me feel fully alive and connected to The Creator. Knowing that was my intention helped me to roll with the punches when theater was cancelled everywhere (!) and then find other sources of inspiration and connection to God, because when it comes right down to it, my felt connection to God, my loved ones and my own soul is all that really matters anyway.

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