Deep Winter

by | Jan 19, 2023

What Does This Season of Deep Winter Ask of Us?

Sometimes nature demands that we hunker down in our homes, sink into the stillness and just be.

Heavy snow and icy pavement slows our steps and our commutes. Plans get cancelled. Venturing out is downright treacherous.

Sure, now we have zoom business meetings to interrupt the quiet and virtual classrooms to make snow days a thing of the past – but is there a cost for trying to pretend that life is just one long season with no discernable rhythm of plant and sow, silence and noise? Ecclesiastes of course tells us there is.

The season of cold and frost invites us to slow down and dream by the fire. Our souls crave this time of reflection, our imaginations long for space to dive below the surface of consciousness and wander among our touchstones of the past, wander among the possibilities of Spring.

I have a series of reflection exercises, guided visualizations, music and art that can structure your season of deep winter wonderings and offer guidance for the seasons ahead. Registration ends January 26.

Click here for more information and to register: Moving Forward in Sync with your Soul • Loyola Spirituality Center