by Liz Kerwin

The Advent Christmas season is my favorite time of year.  People say they are so busy.  I prefer to say my life is very full.  How do I choose to fill my life during this Advent time when we are invited to be awake, aware, anticipating and in awe?

I will do my best to bring  peace and joy into my world by greeting every person I encounter with a smile and hello, and take time to listen if they desire to converse even if it takes a half an hour to walk down the hall.

I will put a lid on my commercialism by donating to charities that feed and help the needy as my gift to friends and relatives who are not needy.

I will attend, enjoy and be filled by the opportunities for prayer, music and celebration so abundant at this season.

Finally I will end the day with gratitude for every meeting, opportunity and gift I have experienced today.