The Ordinary

by | Oct 14, 2021

I am thankful for my Ignatian spirituality.  In this time of such discontent and unknowns, the constant of God being in all things settles me.  Brings the abundance that God wants for me and for all humanity.   To see God in the ordinary and the extraordinary. 

The season of autumn can be startling.  I find myself gasping as sumac shouts “here I am!” all the while driving 70 miles per hour down the highway.  Being held in the early morning air as I sit on my porch and the red pushes out over the dark horizon.  The conversations overhead as Canadian Geese make their way south.  It is in these ordinary moments God reminds me how life is extraordinary.   That good is all around me.

This prayer from John Kirvan’s book- God Hunger reminds me of blessedness of the ordinary.  It is for all of us to enjoy. 

Trust the Ordinary


Unless we are able to trust the ordinary,

the commonplaces of our lives,

we will surely miss you

 miss you and your all-enveloping presence.

You are

where we are

at every moment

at this very moment.

Let us breathe in your presence

and feel your warmth

wherever we are, whatever we are doing.

Let us breathe in your presence

and feel your warmth.