The In Between

by | Dec 28, 2021

There is beauty in the “in between”. The time when the sky is black, and stars begin to sparkle.  When the ice begins to melt, and the waters open.  The song of the bird and the sunlight fully illuminated.

The “in between” can be waiting, anticipating, and hoping. Perhaps dreading for what is next. 

The “in between” can be long spaces.  I hadn’t really thought about the time between setting my first child on the bus to start kindergarten and the last child as he walked to receive his high school diploma.  When that time started the years looked so long.  Then it ended and time was just a glance.   

I want to appreciate the “in between”.  Those moments when my house was rumbling with children.  To savor more.  To fill up the “in between” with rest and do what my heart desires.  Look in the eye of my child as they tell their story.  Look in the mirror and see depth rather than the wrinkles.   Hear the quiet space that sounds as the second hand moves inside the clock.   Know the Breath as it moves in and through me.

There is the “in between” of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Christmas and New Year’s Day.  For some of us Christmas, and Epiphany.  Whereas the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is often chaotic, the week between Christmas and New Year’s can invite celebration filled with moments of fellowship.  A chance to let it all sink in. 

From Christmas to Epiphany, the celebration of the gentile “kings” finding Jesus, can be the wondering of what this new season can bring.  Mary is said to have tucked in her heart early moments with Jesus. Stored in her heart to reflect later on the extraordinary that had occurred.   

Maybe this too is for the “in between” of this season for us.  To ponder the sacred of what we have lived and are now leaving.  What brought joy this Christmas?  This year?  What brought a sense of desolation?  What can we learn?  Then let go and begin again with the Light that came Christmas Day and is with us till the end.  In all the “in between”.