by Tom Allen

I regularly tell stories in sessions with my own spiritual director about my not being my best self / dealing with shortcomings / disclosing my shadow- self. These are also common conversations in sessions where I am serving as spiritual director to others, especially to seniors.

When I am not my best self, I can be overly patterned; impatient and resentful; self- righteous and rigid; anxious and fearful; insecure; judgmental of myself and others; feel trapped by life. Even though these tendencies do not have quite the same hold on me as they once did, they are still present after 66 years. I get disappointed and disillusioned. REALLY? REALLY?

A question I find helpful to ask is, “So, Is That Okay?” Hummm…..You know what, in the final analysis it is okay that all of those parts of me are still there. In that moment, I experience God’s love.

Would it be a helpful question for you to ask yourself?

So, is it okay to say, “I Can Hardly Wait to Grow Old?” Yes.

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