[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]by Kay Vander Vort.

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I was thrilled three years ago when I had the opportunity to drive Margaret Silf to the airport from Kings House Retreat Center in Buffalo. She had just finished an inspiring and energetic two day retreat sponsored by Loyola. The drive in the car was delightful – to my surprise – mostly because I thought Margaret might be exhausted.  On the drive she generously shared her journey of exploration into the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Her conversation was down-to-earth, free of jargon, peppered with practical insights from her own life and a common sense understanding of the Spiritual Exercises.

Most people who are interested in Ignatian spirituality have become acquainted with Margaret through her book Inner Compass: Invitation to Ignatian Spirituality, which grew out of a series of reflection days on Margaret’s “take” on issues such as discernment, desire and detachment.  In her words, “I was concerned with questions rather than answers, discovery, rather than doctrine, everyday experience rather than academic study.”

Loyola has stayed in touch with Margaret since her 2013 visit.  She lives in the UK and infrequently comes to the U.S. to give retreats, often in the East and in California. We were lucky to “catch” her and invite her to stop in Minnesota in 2013, and this September we have arranged one more visit to Minnesota, working with Sacred Ground and the Christos Center to make this happen. Together we are planning an itinerary to make the most of her time here and to reach as many people as possible. She told us that 2016 will be her last visit to the United States to give retreats. Currently she is planning to be in the Twin Cities on September 19 -21, 2016. Watch for more detailed information – but save the dates.

                                                                                                                    Click to Register:   Margaret Silf – Finding God in All things, September 2016