Healing Our City: Spiritual Direction during a Time of Social Upheaval

by | Apr 16, 2021

I imagine from the beginning of time, the Divine here. Imbuing all of creation with Love’s sacred and unique presence.

I imagine from the beginning of time, some doubt and disruption to that conscious presence and preciousness. A denial or disregard about who and what we all are: God’s.

As a spiritual director, I listen and companion others in their sacred questions and contemplation of that holy noticing of who we are and how our journeys reflect God’s love and invitation to return love.

In this Easter season, as Christians, we walk with a resurrected Christ who came among us to tip that original disruption on its ear and reclaim us— with His whole body.

In these days of social unrest, during the trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, and now for the killing of Daunte Wright— another of the Twin Cities’ black male residents whose life was cut short by a peace officer— I open my heart up to this calling as spiritual director in a new way.

I ask: How do I, we, companion others in this season? How do we hold space for the divine and the charged questions around the spiritual dilemma of white supremacy and the legacy of trauma in our bodies?

As a spiritual director, my own formation and training is nurtured by my ongoing commitment to prayer and study. I have found nurturing in joining with the Healing our City community.

Founded in the wake of George Floyd’s death, Healing our City is a place for prayer and meditation marking the literal time Officer Derek Chauvin had his knee upon the neck of George Floyd. For nine minutes and twenty-nine seconds, we convene in quiet and breathe together.

Listening to the voices of black, multi faith leaders in the virtual prayer tent, has an impact on me. As I tune in and grieve the violence, death and upheaval with others, I am buoyed and opened by the hope I experience in our collective body. Images of God are expanding as I encounter and am humbled by the voice and presence of people I am not fortunate enough to pray with on a regular basis. In my white body I show up and join my heart with other hearts in this spiritual dance of oneness. Reconciliation. Healing. Witness.

Perhaps this is a prayer time you too seek in your spiritual journey as you reflect on who you are and how God made you? https://www.healingourcity.org/

Perhaps spiritual direction, a time of being prayerfully companioned on your spiritual journey, is inviting you? https://loyolaspiritualitycenter.org/spiritual-direction/