Evening Examen

Thursday Prayers

8:00 pm via Zoom

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About The Sessions

We offer this Ignatian Prayer practice to our larger community as a way to find Love, Peace, and Freedom in this time of global upheaval, (Covid-19, unpacking systemic racism and whiteness) and to know, or discern our paths.  

We know from so many of you that we share in the constraints, fears, grieving we are doing as individuals and as a larger community during this time.  While we cannot solve these crises, we can address them from a place of spiritual practice. The Examen is one such prayer practice that deepens our sense of God’s presence with us – now and all times

Why do we pray this particular prayer? As Loyola Spiritual Director Carolyn Kolovitz says: “Like strength training, the Examen is a prayer practice of noticing; it’s like spiritual muscle flexing. The more we practice, the greater is our awareness of God in all things. The greater our capacity to live and love freely, returning love to God.” 

We begin the Examen by recognizing we are in God’s presence. We are loved.

How It Works

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All sessions led by Spiritual Directors from Loyola Spirituality Center in Saint Paul, MN.

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