Reflections from Our Directors

Ignatius and Gratitude

Practicing gratitude leads to trusting that God will be present in all things – the “positive” and the “challenging.” It leads to trusting that one can live in the present moment, rather than getting lost in past or future.

The Ignatian Year and Creativity

God continues to invite each of us into a deepening relationship, to ongoing conversion. We believe that by embracing this invitation, we embrace our God who calls us to act in new, bold ways that reconcile our world, bringing about justice, peace and compassion.

Let There Be Peace…

Peace… we desire it; we pray for it, we look for it and then we discover it is within each of us. We are created to be a peaceful presence in the world. Sometimes it just takes the journey to recognize that what we have been seeking, we have already been given, the grace of peace.

Starting Again

Starting Again

Having experienced decades of winters here in Minnesota, I really enjoy the vibrancy of spring. The last two months of trees budding, crocuses blooming, and grass greening, shouted, “Life is here!” This spring has been especially life-filled as the winter of the...