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“Where are you?”

Spiritual direction is an ongoing relationship that gives you the time and space to notice your unique spiritual growth, participate in the slow work of God, immerse yourself in the river of life, and respond to God, “Here I am.”

Program Offerings

Gatherings in
turbulent times

Our online and in-person gatherings offer convenient times, emotionally and physically safe spaces with rich content.

Thursday Morning Centering Prayer

Dedicate your day to prayer through Thursday Morning  Centering prayer.  Attend one, some or all sessions for free.

Thursday Evening Examen

Close your day with reflection and prayer through Thursday Evening Examen.  Attend one, some or all sessions for free. 

Personal Directed Retreat

Do you feel “off center,” distracted, fragmented – and long for a deeper spiritual connection, a more meaningful prayer life – some guidance pointing a way ahead?


The Spiritual Exercises

Since the sixteenth century when St. Ignatius of Loyola created the Spiritual Exercises, people from all walks of life have been drawn to this powerful retreat experience. 

At the center point within ourselves we encounter the sacred

As we discern our path and our passions in life, we listen and respond more deeply to the presence and movement of the sacred there.

We help you find your path and passion.

Learning Opportunities

Learn what classes, seminars and other opportunities await you at Loyola.

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About Loyola Spirituality Center

Our Vision

A loving and compassionate spirituality for all of life.

Our Mission

We companion the spiritually curious as you listen and respond more deeply to the presence and movement of the sacred in your life.

Our Guiding Principle

We are a community of spiritual directors grounded in Ignatian Spirituality.

About Ignatian Spirituality

The sacred is present in our world and active in our lives.  It provides a pathway to prayer, discernment, and service to others.

Reflections from Our Directors

Love Each Other

The beauty of the stories of Jesus is that they reflect the human condition today.  Loving one another is hard with family and with strangers.  The stress of a continued pandemic and all its variants, the daily rise in gas prices, earth crying out for help, injustice unchecked, and a war leads me to want to blame and shame someone. 

Finding Clarity Amidst a Life Decision

Regardless of a specific religion or spirituality, we all benefit from the act of reflecting on our feelings and noticing the direction they compel us. Observing whether you are drawn towards feelings of consolation or desolation can be a profound source of inner guidance and begin to bring your heart’s true desire into focus.

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