Priests Retreat 2023

In-person and via Zoom

From Sunday, November 12 at 7:30 pm

to Friday, November 17 after brunch

Franciscan Retreats & Spirituality in Prior Lake, MN

Registration is now FULL.
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About The Retreat

This annual retreat for priests and deacons has evolved over the years to meet the needs for silent reflection, prayer, conversation and community.  It includes morning prayer with a reflective conference, evening prayer, and Liturgy and a centering prayer session each day.  There is conversation at noon and evening meals, the rest of the times is silent.

Each retreatant will have the opportunity to meet privately with a spiritual director to reflect on the daily movements of the Spirit in his life.

The retreat will be directed by members of the Loyola staff, and others, who are professional spiritual directors and experienced in retreat ministry. The role of retreat director is to support the retreatant in noticing the reality of God’s presence and activity in their life.

Included each day:

  • Individual session with a retreat director
  • Liturgy of the Eucharist
  • Group centering prayer
  • Morning prayer & conference
  • Evening prayer

Massage is available upon request for an additional fee, payable to the massage therapist. The deadline to reserve a massage slot is Thursday, November 10th.

Registration Fee

In-person       $860

via Zoom        $350

How It Works

  1. Register by clicking the Register Now button above and filling out the linked form.
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation email and more information as the retreat approaches.

2023 Retreat Directors

The retreat will be directed by professional spiritual directors who are experienced in retreat ministry, most of whom are current members of the Loyola staff (indicated by *).

Tom Allen*

Linda Cherek*

Joanne Dehmer SSND*

Dan Johnson*

Matt Linn SJ



Please email us

or call 651-641-0008 to leave a message