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Mary Noble Garcia


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Mary received her Certificate in Spiritual Direction and Master of Arts in Theology from St. Catherine University. She has worked as a physical therapist in rehabilitation and in long-term care, as a stay-at-home mom, and as the director of social justice ministry in a local parish. Mary and her husband have two teenaged children.

Mary has a special interest in offering group spiritual direction through listening circles. In the listening circle experience she teaches deep listening skills so that all may participate in active listening and in offering contemplative questions. In this communal experience of spiritual direction, the stories and wisdom in the group act as an invitation to dive beneath the surface to allow each participant’s unique, holy wisdom to emerge.

Artistic expression has been an important aspect of Mary’s spirituality and has provided a connection to the Holy throughout her life. She offers images as a tool to move beyond the intellectual understanding to an understanding of the heart. Her work as a physical therapist also informs her practice of spiritual direction in recognizing the deep connection of body, mind, and soul.

“My work in spiritual direction flows from a passion to be active in creating a world of love and justice. Spiritual direction contributes to this work by offering a time and space to be attentive to God’s loving presence in daily life and to respond by living more intentionally in the direction of divine love. The gift of listening creates an opportunity to develop loving relationships with God, self, others, and all of creation. These loving relationships create a foundation for the work for justice.”

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