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The Gift of Remembering

at Lakewood Cemetery

With Susanna Bertelsen

and Linda Cherek

When:    Sunday, 1:00 – 4:00 PM

                 July 31st

Where:  Lakewood Cemetery

About This Partnered Event

Honor those who are loved and missed at this partnered event with Lakewood Cemetery and Loyola Spirituality Center. Join Susanna Bertelsen and Linda Cherek, Spiritual Directors from Loyola Spirituality Center in St Paul, for a day of healing activities at Lakewood to honor your grief journey.  The day will begin with an informational session and discussion about grief and loss, followed by time for walking and reflection across Lakewood’s beautifully landscaped grounds. As you take time to walk in nature, your guides will be nearby to offer hands-on activities and opportunities for you to explore your grief through any (or all) of the following creative or reflective outlets that speak to your heart:

  • Writing
  • Art
  • Prayer/meditation
  • Quiet reflection: Recollecting the life of the one you loved who has died and what it has been like for you since their death.

Your Loyola guides will lead you through this day with care and support as you learn more about your own grief journey, ending the day with a group remembrance service.  This is an opportunity to give yourself a day to disconnect from the outside world, quietly connect with nature, and take care of your grieving heart.

The hope is at the end of the day, you will take with you a deeper understanding of your own relationship with grief and loss, now and in the days ahead. After our time together, as you walk your journey of grief, you will do so with gentleness and care for your grieving heart and begin to notice the gifts, even in grief, that will enter your life.

The Lakewood Garden Mausoleum

This event will take place in the upper level reception space of our beautiful Garden Mausoleum. Signs will be posted directing you to the event location or click here for GPS navigation through Google Maps.



Call the Lakewood events line at 612-540-5165 or email to events@lakewoodcemetery.org

Susanna Bertelsen

Susanna spent decades as a Registered Nurse and Public Health Nurse, and served in children’s hospitals in Ohio, clinics in Tanzania, and school and parish nursing in Minnesota.  Susanna’s approach to nursing is holistic care of the mind, body and spirit in all ages and stages of life.  With years of listening to sacred life stories from others, she appreciates the healing presence of the Divine in them, and in herself.

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Linda Cherek

Linda has a special interest in the impact of loss and trauma after the unexpected death of her oldest daughter. She understands how loss and trauma impact the body, the heart, the soul and one’s relationship with God and the world.  She has embraced the gift of spiritual awareness and the opportunities for growth that were the result of her spiritual journey following her daughter’s death and her experiences with her clients.  In her work as a therapist she has supported her clients as their awareness of the Holy impacted their life path and their emotional and spiritual health. Her spiritual journey has provided the sacred space to encounter God in unexpected places through journaling, music, poetry, prayer and the body.

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