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About The Sessions

Throughout history, people have been drawn to a more individual approach to spiritual practice.  There comes a desire, a tapping on the shoulder for a more personal experience with God.  There comes a sense to move in deeper.  Alone.  With God.

Spiritual practices that take time set apart in quiet prayer are considered contemplative prayer practices. Often in times of so many unknowns and stresses as we are experiencing currently, contemplative prayer allows time to still ourselves and be aware of God’s presence.  With this quiet, our hearts open to feel God, God’s love and God’s attention.  

Centering Prayer is a contemplative practice that has a set process to follow.  At the same time, it is a fluid prayer that is forgiving and transformative.  It is a time of intentional silence that holds a sanctuary for your soul and place where all else will flow.  It is a connection with God that leads you throughout your day.  A connection that cannot be easily shaken.  

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All sessions led by Spiritual Directors from Loyola Spirituality Center in Saint Paul, MN.

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