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Lindsay McGlynn

Lindsay’s hope as a spiritual director is to offer a warm, welcoming and safe space where you can notice and experience the love and communication of God, which are specific to your unique self and story. Maybe you feel weary, confused or overstimulated amidst our busy world, or perhaps you’re longing for purpose, connection or peace. However you arrive, whatever you long for, know that you will be received and offered a soft place to land and to simply be.

Lindsay’s spirituality has been especially formed by some of her qualities she struggled to name and embrace throughout adolescence and young adulthood, including being introverted, a highly sensitive person, an empath, and contending with dysthymia. As a result, she is passionate about the redemptive and healing virtue of humility: the full embrace of both our gifts and our limitations. Lindsay, who grew up knowing a judgmental and authoritative God, also has a particular interest in the way that our images of God affect our self-image. The discovery of a gentle, compassionate and interested God paved the way for Lindsay to offer herself enough kindness to embrace and even come to appreciate her imperfections. Lindsay also has been formed by and is interested in the intersection of spirituality and women’s issues, nature, psychology, discernment, embodiment, leadership, social structures and history.

Lindsay grew up in South Minneapolis, where she now lives with her husband, Charlie. She was raised in the Protestant tradition (specifically Covenant), but was educated in the Catholic tradition, receiving her M.A. in Ministry and a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from St. John’s University School of Theology, as well as a Certificate in Spirituality and Leadership from St. Kate’s University. During the week, Lindsay works as Studio Director at Studio MPLS, a branding and packaging design firm. She and her husband have 3 fur-children – two duck tolling retrievers named Edmund and Maeve, and one cat called Milo (or more frequently, Kitty).

Lindsay offers Spiritual Direction, and is taking new Directees.