JoAnn Campbell-Rice

JoAnn has always loved learning and earned her Ph.D. in English at the University of Texas at Austin.  She taught at Indiana University for fourteen years, moving to Minnesota in 2004 to work with higher education at a statewide level.  JoAnn received her graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction from St. Catherine University and shortly after took a job as a spiritual director with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation for ten years, at Hazelden’s Renewal Center and St. Paul facility with emerging young adults.

Today JoAnn is a coach with Bright Line Eating Solutions, an online program for food addiction.

She specializes in grief, meditation and writing practices, and 12 Step recovery in daily life.  JoAnn is a writer, and practices Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina.  She respects all spiritual paths, including those who have no religious background or specific faith.  JoAnn became a wife and the step-mother of two young men late in life, which has provided opportunities to expand her heart.

“Spiritual Direction supports a person’s focus on the spiritual life – the progress, challenges, blocks, and invitations.  I appreciate hearing people’s stories, looking for the sacred in ordinary life, and leaning into the light of connections, which is what spirituality is about to me.”

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