Mary Noble Garcia

Time-Out to Remember

by Mary Noble Garcia Not long ago I decided to put myself in time-out.  I drew from wisdom learned almost two decades earlier. I had been home all day with my three-year-old son. He had perceptively pushed every one of my buttons.  I felt overwhelmed and exhausted.  I...

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Labyrinth in the Dark

By Mary Noble Garcia Overlooking a spring-fed lake, the labyrinth was cut into the prairie. The moon was rising on the horizon in the clear night sky. Darkness surrounded us as we stepped outside to walk the labyrinth.  These were the instructions: Walk in silence. If...

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by Mary Noble Garcia. The thermometer read -10 degrees. We had just finished cross country skiing and decided to head to the sauna. The biggest question of the weekend remained—would we jump through the ice hole into the lake? As we warmed up in the sauna, the women...

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