Carolyn Kolovitz

Children Meeting God

by Carolyn Kolovitz Those of us who grew up pre-internet understand the world is much bigger than it seems online. My first glimpse into the vastness of place and possibility happened when I was small and trapped in the front seat of a pickup truck with my mom, dad...

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Connecting Young People to the Sacred

by Carolyn Kolovitz Every mom reaches a point similar to the mom in Little Red Riding Hood. Sooner or later, we must send our child alone into the forest of adolescence. We can be present with them in spirit – loving them, modeling our values, warning them not to talk...

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Celebrating Summer Solstice and Joining Loyola

By Carolyn Kolovitz It is the week of Summer Solstice, and during these long days of the summer sun I am celebrating joining Loyola and its wonderful team of spiritual directors. I’m thrilled to be working here and I’m bringing this joy with me into my summer fun...

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