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Scholarships offered at Loyola

The Liz Kerwin Scholarship Fund

Since its beginning nearly 40 years ago, Loyola has maintained a special fund to help our spiritual directees and other program participants who need financial assistance for our services.  The scholarship fund is named after our current staff member and former Director, Liz Kerwin. 

Thanks to generous donors over the years, this fund still helps a variety of people who come to us or whom we serve through our outreach and who need financial help: 

  • People who want to maintain spiritual direction as a regular part of their lives but can afford only a partial donation toward the asking fee ($85)—and sometimes nothing at all
  • People who want to participate in our retreats, workshops and other programs
  • People in church ministry or other non-profit ministry
  • Seniors
  • Students
  • The unemployed
  • Anyone who comes to us and needs financial assistance to participate in our programs or services

How does it work?

There is no application. Each person discerns with us what they can pay and we supply the remainder through the scholarship fund.  For retreats we can only offer scholarship fees for the program portion (which can include spiritual direction).  The cost of room and board at the retreat are fixed. 

We do encourage those who can pay to offer the full amount for spiritual direction or other programs.  Some pay even more than the asking fee to support others through the scholarship fund.

What services are supported by the scholarship fund?

People can ask for financial assistance for all of our services, including


Loyola offers a variety of ways for you to experience The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola.  See our retreats and workshops listed under Programs.

Extended Ignatian Exercises

Talk with one of our directors about spiritual direction based on Ignatian spirituality, or about doing the Extended Ignatian Exercises. Click here for more information.

Ignatian Associates
Interested in learning more about Ignatian spirituality and affiliating with others of a kindred spirit? Consider becoming an Ignatian Associate.

Read more:  www.ignatianassociates.org

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