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Lenten Mornings for Prayer and Reflection 

“The Cup of Our Life: a guide for Spiritual Growth” 
by Joyce Rupp


Group Spiritual Direction with Susanna Bertelsen

When:     9:30-11:30 am, Tuesdays March 12 through April 16, 2019

Where:    Loyola Spirituality Center, 389 Oxford St N, St Paul, MN 55103

Registration Fee:    $180.00      (includes book and six sessions)

For Six Tuesdays in Lent we will explore how an ordinary object like a tea or coffee cup might serve as metaphor or symbol for life’s daily journey.  Using one of your own cups, the same one or a different one each week, we will reflect as a group on Rupp’s themes of “cup of life,” “open cup,” “chipped cup,” “broken cup,” “cup of compassion,” “blessing cup.”  Then during each day, at home between meetings, we will use Rupp’s guided prayer reflections from her deep well of scripture, poems and ritual that she offers to enhance and deepen our faith lives.

* What might the “cup” of life hold for each one of us every day?

* How might God quench our thirst for meaning in our prayerful reflections?

* How might the circular rim of the cup invite us to ponder the longing for wholeness and connectedness to God, to others, to community?

As we come together, then, for Six Lenten Tuesday Mornings, we will share, ponder and learn from our unique Lenten journeys, awakening each day to the ever-new Presence of our God.

The standard fee for Group Spiritual Direction is $45/session.

This Lenten Program is being offered at a 30% discount.

Registration fee can be paid in installments.

Partial scholarships are available.

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