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David Rothstein


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I grew up in the peaceful rolling farm land of central Minnesota. The landscape encouraged a contemplative lifestyle that has stayed with me and grown. In college I studied English literature and theology; then received a Ph.D. in English and taught literature courses for several years at St. John’s University. During this time I was a member of St. John’s Abbey monastic community. Currently I am part of a contemplative Benedictine community of lay people in St. Paul (Indwelling Spirit community). I received spiritual direction training at the Christos Center for Spiritual Formation.

My spiritual practice and interests include Benedictine spirituality, lectio divina, meditation, contemplative living, intentional community, environmental stewardship, 12 Step spirituality, yoga, qigong, tai chi, life-transitions, and mens’ spirituality. I love spending as much time outdoors as possible: hiking, biking, camping, canoeing, gardening. I am also a hospice chaplain with Presbyterian Homes, Optage Hospice.

Spiritual Direction Focus: I meet with people who see themselves on a contemplative path, who practice some form of meditation or may be familiar with mystical spirituality, and who seek to deepen this path in their lives.

Other services:

Qigong and Meditation: I have studied and practice qigong (chee gong), a Chinese system of moving meditation and healing techniques. I also studied Kundalini Yoga and Tai Chi. Occasionally I offer programs at Loyola or elsewhere on meditation and qigong, and upon request can incorporate these into spiritual direction sessions

Mind Body Bridging: A system that helps rest overactive or obsessive thoughts with thought mapping practices and  sensory awareness, allowing for rapid healing and a calm, natural approach to solving problems by accessing the true self (the level of self always connected to the Divine).

Psych-K:  (psychology + kinesiology) is used for accelerated growth, integration, and balance. It is a mind-body-spirit balancing system that combines basic muscle testing (kinesiology) with questions that access the subconscious mind. Many people have found this to be a simple, profound and exciting way to uncover self-sabotaging beliefs and to heal, balance, and redirect ourselves on all levels.

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