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Cultivating Joy

by Nancy Loyd I have been thinking a lot about joy lately. Specifically, how to cultivate joy in a time in history that I find to be at best uncertain, and at worst, terrifying.  I believe the world needs each of us to intentionally cultivate joy in order to not just survive, but to be…

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Advent Awareness

by Liz Kerwin The Advent Christmas season is my favorite time of year.  People say they are so busy.  I prefer to say my life is very full.  How do I choose to fill my life during this Advent time when we are invited to be awake, aware, anticipating and in awe? I will do…

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Christ Comes in a Time of Division

by David Rothstein Yesterday a Muslim teen on a New York subway train was verbally attacked by 3 white men. She said they mentioned Donald Trump, called her a terrorist, told her to leave the country, and “take that rag off your head.” No one on the train said a word as this happened. As…

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Cultivating Awe

By Kay Vander Vort These days I often hear “awesome” as a response of appreciation or high praise such as, “that dinner was awesome,” “that movie was awesome,” “you got your driver’s license? That’s awesome!”  The word “awesome” has become so common place that it has lost its punch. Recently I read an article in Parade…

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Labyrinth in the Dark

By Mary Noble Garcia Overlooking a spring-fed lake, the labyrinth was cut into the prairie. The moon was rising on the horizon in the clear night sky. Darkness surrounded us as we stepped outside to walk the labyrinth.  These were the instructions: Walk in silence. If you pay close attention, the contrast between the light…

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Circles of Wisdom

By JoAnn Campbell-Rice Is there anything more healing than being truly heard? In ordinary conversation when someone speaks, others respond, interrupt, ask questions, share their own experiences, offer advice, or change the subject entirely. That format works on lots of topics, but for things close to my heart, I prefer a circle of wisdom. In…

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By Tom Allen The more I open myself to gratitude, the more readily I see God at work in the world, and in real time. There are certain daily experiences that trigger my consciousness of that presence. This checklist helps me remember. Moments of: Beauty, transcendence, awe and wonder Surprise, synchronicity, interruptions Experiencing God at…

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An Ignatian Perspective on Doubt and Confusion

By Barbara Leonard Christos Center for Spiritual Formation, Sacred Ground Center for Spirituality and Loyola Center for Spirituality are co-hosting Margaret Silf’s visit this September 19th and 20th. In 2012 she conducted a four day retreat sponsored by Loyola. It was a joy for all of us attending and we’ve wanted her to return ever…

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Finding God at the MN State Fair

by Nancy Loyd.  One of the things I love the most about Ignatian Spirituality is the practice of “Finding God in all things.” I have been reflecting about how true this statement is but also how much easier it is to “see” this at certain times and places than others. Recently I was in the…

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Unsung Saints and Mystics

by Catherine Michaud CSJ In March (2016) Pope Francis announced the qualification of a married couple for canonization: Louis and Zelie Martin, St. Therese of Lisieux’s parents. He opened our imaginations to the myriad mystics and saints who have not been named, much less celebrated by the Church. During their lifetimes they were exemplars of…

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