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Opening To Our History: A Reflection on Place – A White Spiritual Director Listening in an Historically Black Neighborhood

by Melissa Borgmann-Kiemde When Sr. Liz Kerwin gave me my first tour of the Loyola Spirituality Center, I remember being deeply moved learning that the building was once a convent. I loved this history. I loved imagining the former cloister cells of the religious — entertaining, in my mind’s eye, the women or men who…

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First Advent…then Christmas…followed by Epiphany…reflections from my Minnesota backyard!

by Susanna Bertelsen Like many people, I enjoy sending and receiving Christmas letters. Unfortunately, I am usually late with the mailings.  This year, however, I started the process early… the first week of Advent! It had been my 2018 New Year’s resolution…to send greetings so they arrived before December 25, 2018!  As I reviewed the…

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(Re) Imagining the Christmas Story

by Carolyn Kolovitz When I was a little girl, my December ritual was to sit alone in my living room beside the twinkling tree lights and imagine myself into the coffee table Nativity set.  I imagined myself with the shepherds beneath a Bethlehem sky full of angels until the tiny God lying among the ox…

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Bouncing Back and Leaping Forward: for Caregivers

by Susanna Bertelsen The first weekend of October my husband and I drove up to Grand Marais hoping to catch the colors of the season.  On the ride north on Highway 61 we passed many golden aspen and birch amidst the deep green spruce and other evergreen trees along the way.  An occasional crimson burning…

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What is the Second Half of Life About?

by Barbara Leonard What is the second half of life?  When does it begin?  Is it a developmental stage like any other that went before it?  What is it all about? In one way the 2nd half of life is like any other developmental stage in that it can’t be easily ignored.  It can begin…

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Reimagining Compassion

by Susanna Bertelsen “What the world needs now is love, sweet love It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of                What the world needs now is love, sweet love No, not just for some, but for everyone.” Where is that “sweet love” today? How might I…

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So, Is That Okay?

by Tom Allen I regularly tell stories in sessions with my own spiritual director about my not being my best self / dealing with shortcomings / disclosing my shadow- self. These are also common conversations in sessions where I am serving as spiritual director to others, especially to seniors. When I am not my best…

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A Grand Adventure

by Dan Johnson One of my favorite locations on this earth is a State Park on the north shore of Lake Superior at the mouth of the Temperance River. I've been going there for over 50 years and the beauty of the place never fades. I'll pull into a favorite camping spot, set up the…

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Surrender To The Unknown

by Joanne Dehmer SSND In the summer sun and an early darkening sky, I sit at the edge of a lake reflecting on the meaning of these months of 2018. It has been a time of surrender, surrender to the unknown. In January after experiencing extreme tiredness for too long a time, my cardiologist scheduled…

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Children Meeting God

by Carolyn Kolovitz Those of us who grew up pre-internet understand the world is much bigger than it seems online. My first glimpse into the vastness of place and possibility happened when I was small and trapped in the front seat of a pickup truck with my mom, dad and two German Shorthaired dogs as we drove from Chicago…

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