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Awake, Aware, and Intentional

Awake, Aware, and Intentional Nancy Loyd Years ago I had an experience in which I heard the words “wake up” ring through my entire body. It was as if God was throwing cold water on every cell of my being to get my attention. In that moment I realized that I had been sleepwalking through…

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Tutored in Wisdom

Tutored in Wisdom By JoAnn Campbell-Rice Yesterday at my desk at home, futzing with my computer, I glanced out the window. On the peak of our shed at the property line was a large brown animal. Was it a cat? It had pointed ears and turned its head as if to lick its shoulder. But…

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Does God Really Care If I Get A Parking Space? Discernment in Daily Life

Does God Really Care If I Get A Parking Space? Discernment in Daily Life Tom Allen Should we pray for a parking space? Does God really care? Hmmmm.... If I am anxiously looking for one and I pray for and experience peace, is the parking spot relevant? If I race around the lot to get…

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Threshold Experiences

Threshold Experiences Joanne Dehmer SSND Once again as 2015 began, there was much written and spoken about New Year resolutions and all the desires people hold for change in their lives, in the life of one they love or in the world in need of change. This same kind of desire also happens at a…

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