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By Tom Allen The more I open myself to gratitude, the more readily I see God at work in the world, and in real time. There are certain daily experiences that trigger my consciousness of that presence. This checklist helps me remember. Moments of: Beauty, transcendence, awe and wonder Surprise, synchronicity, interruptions Experiencing God at…

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An Ignatian Perspective on Doubt and Confusion

By Barbara Leonard Christos Center for Spiritual Formation, Sacred Ground Center for Spirituality and Loyola Center for Spirituality are co-hosting Margaret Silf’s visit this September 19th and 20th. In 2012 she conducted a four day retreat sponsored by Loyola. It was a joy for all of us attending and we’ve wanted her to return ever…

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Finding God at the MN State Fair

by Nancy Loyd.  One of the things I love the most about Ignatian Spirituality is the practice of “Finding God in all things.” I have been reflecting about how true this statement is but also how much easier it is to “see” this at certain times and places than others. Recently I was in the…

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Unsung Saints and Mystics

by Catherine Michaud CSJ In March (2016) Pope Francis announced the qualification of a married couple for canonization: Louis and Zelie Martin, St. Therese of Lisieux’s parents. He opened our imaginations to the myriad mystics and saints who have not been named, much less celebrated by the Church. During their lifetimes they were exemplars of…

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Earth Care

by Liz Kerwin, CSJ. Recently I was sent an article supporting the small percentage of scientists who say that human behavior is not responsible for global warming because these changes have always been happening throughout earth’s history. It also implied that all the concern among environmentalists and legislators is about power and money. I was…

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Meeting God on the Trail

by Karen Treat. Twenty some years ago, my husband and I hiked the state of Oregon. Daily we were amazed by the miraculous works of God--in the mountains, the water sources, and the people we met on the trail. What was important in seeing God was keeping our eyes open for God. Some days were…

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Margaret Silf is Coming Back!

by Kay Vander Vort.                                                                                                                       Click to Register:   Margaret Silf - Finding God in All things, September 2016 I was thrilled three years ago when I had the opportunity to drive Margaret Silf to the airport from Kings House Retreat Center in Buffalo. She had just finished an inspiring and energetic two day retreat…

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The Desert

by Sheila Laughton. There is an odd attractiveness about a desert, a place so hot or cold that life itself is a struggle. Perhaps it is because you are forced to live in the moment, on guard for the slightest change that signals danger—a raging sand or snow storm, a potentially lethal reptile or just…

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The Other Side of Suffering

by David Rothstein. Lent brings me a heightened awareness of suffering, my own and the world's. Sitting in morning meditation recently, negative thoughts drifted in: this world is truly an exile from the freedom and peace of the spirit world. Thinking of the many limitations and pains of this life, a man I know comes…

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From Ashes, to Incarnation

by Tom Allen. February 10 is Ash Wednesday. It is the day on which Christians remember that from dust we came and to dust we shall return. To be an Alzheimer’s care giver demands finding life while sitting in the ashes. I helped Julie change her clothes. She had on 2 bras and 2 pairs…

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