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A Time to Remember:    

A Retreat for Women Whose Mothers have Died

With Joanne Dehmer, SSND

November 6-7, 2020    or    January 15-16, 2021

Friday 6:30 pm through Saturday 4:00 pm

Benedictine Center, St. Paul’s Monastery

“We mourn the death of our mother all the days of our life.”  Whether our mother died this year or thirty years ago, we grieve.  Some of us grieve what we had and some of us grieve what never was in our relationship with our mother.  This retreat offers women an opportunity to explore the significance of mother loss.

Presenter:  Joanne Dehmer, School Sister of Notre Dame received a Masters Degree in Ministry at Seattle University, WA and spiritual direction training at the Center for Spiritual Development then located in Mankato, MN.  Joanne’s background includes teaching and pastoral care.  She has journeyed with many individuals and families through illness and death, as well as her own experience of loss and grief.

Reflections from daughters …

“Giving ourselves the gift of time to honor our mothers who have died, allows us to  process our feelings and grief without interruption.  As a small group of women, (in our late twenties to early seventies), we prayed, reflected, shared, read, wrote, enjoyed meals together in a beautiful setting, walked outside, and were guided through all these cleansing activities….”

“To honor grief, is to honor your heart and soul.  to share it with others is a very connecting healing experience.  To be guided through it and have the time to think and feel around your grief is sacred.  To walk away from the retreat remembering the good in your Mom, what a true gift.”

“My mother died before I could rebel against her and become an adult. I loved her deeply, but she gave some bad advice that I have had to come to terms with as an adult. Her voice echoes in my heart and I look forward to reuniting with her in a place of peace.”

“The timing was good as the thought of these first major holidays without my dear mom is heart breaking all over again…I’m searching for coping tools to help get me through them.”

“My mother died suddenly over forty years ago, and I have been struggling over those years to find meaning in her life and peace in her death. I am profoundly grateful for the new perspectives you and the other women at the retreat have given me.”

“I was blessed with such a deep and healing experience, far more tender and joyful than I could have imagined.  It is never too late to lift the veil and truly see the women who nurtured us, as best they could.”

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