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Life Lessons from Death

by Nancy Loyd Some may say I have a strange passion, for I am passionate about what our mortality can teach us about living.  I am fortunate to not only be a spiritual director with Loyola but also to work in hospice care. I believe that it is a blessed gift to work each day…

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You are not alone, you didn’t cause it, and there is HOPE for RECOVERY!

By Susanna Bertelsen Decades ago, in the 1980’s, busy with our three school aged children in our Minnetonka home, I received a frantic call from my mother in Ohio, who announced over the phone, “Your brother has Schizophrenia. And they put him on Stelazine.”  Taking a deep gulp of air, I replied back to her,…

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Holiday Invitations

by JoAnn Campbell-Rice Recently, several planned events disappeared from my calendar and I found myself with unscheduled time, a luxury in my life. Yet I didn’t run to my desk to write, revise, or draft new ideas, which is what I say I want do with every spare moment.  My resistance to writing baffles me,…

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Where Are Your Feet This Advent?

By Liz Kerwin Recently on a retreat I was struck by a presenter saying, “Where are your feet?” It came to me that it might be a good mantra for this Advent especially as it is only three weeks, the shortest possible, this year.  Perhaps during this very full time of preparation and celebration the…

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An Irish Wake

By Mary Noble Garcia In the spirit of this month when we express gratitude and remember our loved ones, both those who have gone before us and those who are still with us, I share this story. The best gifts are often those that are unexpected. This one arrived in its infancy, unannounced on my…

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Where were you, God?

By Karen Treat I love the story of Elijah in I Kings 18-19.  Elijah is the prophet who takes down all the false prophets in the area and then flees for his life because Queen Jezebel wanted him dead.  Those were her prophets.  How dare he kill them?  The disheartened Elijah runs away to find…

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I Am Listening in a Deeper Way

By Joanne Dehmer, SSND These past months have marked a significant time of my life:  I turned 70, celebrated 50 years of vowed life in community, and moved from my home of nearly 10 years to a senior independent living apartment.  In the midst of all these changes and transitions, I found myself sifting and…

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Unexpected Challenges Lead to Spiritual Insights at 80

By Kay Vander Vort Nine days after my 80th birthday as I climbed up a short stairway, my left leg crumbled. I was returning from a wonderful birthday trip with my son and family.  The days following are a blur – getting on a plane in Boston back to Minneapolis in Sunday night in lots…

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The Second Half of Life: new territory and big spiritual questions

By Barbara Leonard Until fairly recently the idea of planning for the second half of life was pretty much tied with retirement at age 65.  With increasing longevity, however, many will be active into their 80s and 90s.  Financial advisors now suggest waiting to take Social Security benefits later whereas a decade before they encouraged…

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Boston, Marathons, Motions of the Soul

By Dan Johnson Hi. I’m Dan Johnson and am very grateful to be writing this piece today having recently joined the staff here at Loyola. Some of you may remember a blog or two from me four or five years ago when I previously had the honor of working with the great staff here. I…

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